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    Winnie's Picks

    Jezebel​ (1938)

    Dir. William Wyler You know that I never cared for Bette Davis until recently. Every week, I am entertained by this very talented actress. This past week I wanted to watch ​Jezebel​, the story of a Southern belle, whose behavior...

    Scapegoat​ (1959) 

    Scapegoat​ (1959) ​It is said that we all have a double, an unmistakable look-alike. A teacher from England vacations in France and meets his double, a French nobleman. They have drinks at a hotel and the teacher passes out. When...

    Japanese Story (​ 2003)

    Japanese Story (​ 2003) Dir. Sue Brooks Toni Collette portrays, Sandy Edwards, the owner of an Australian software company who is working on a business deal with a Japanese executive, Hiromitsu Tachibana. The businessman wants Edwards to give him a tour...

    Big Eyes (2014)

    Big Eyes ( 2014) Directed by: Tim Burton Big eyes is the true story of Walter and Margaret Keane whose divorce eventually led to a revelation about the true artist behind the paintings of children with over-sized eyes. Christoph Waltz...

    The Wife​ (2018)

    Behind every good man is a great woman is the main theme of this movie. A marriage of a highly successful man with an incredibly supportive woman by his side. But, the problem lies in the fact that the talents...
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    Michael Patterson LIVE Beyond The Bridge with Brad Weber

    Michaels "journey" into cannabis. https://youtu.be/_5Ee14xDyww
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