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    Merilee Kern

    5 V-Day Gifts for Gem & Jewel aficionados

    5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gem & Jewel Aficionados By Merilee Kern, ‘The Luxe List’ Executive Editor According to the National Retail Federation, among the estimated $19.6 billion Valentine’s Day consumer spending last year alone (courtesy of more than half of...

    5 Digital Diet Solutions

    5 Digital Diet Solutions Slimdown Success this New Year With the 2019 CES show having debuted multiple diet-focused consumer technologies; including devices that analyze the gases in people’s breath to uncover what diet improvements would be helpful for them, there is...
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    Michael Patterson LIVE Beyond The Bridge with Brad Weber

    Michaels "journey" into cannabis. https://youtu.be/_5Ee14xDyww
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