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    Debbie Bright

    Sun-Health Connections: The Top 6 Tips for Healthy Sun Exposure

    By Dr. Debbie Bright, DC, MS Whether you’re out for a midday walk or napping on the beach, experts agree that a little sun can go a long way. The sun does so many wonderful things for your health. It raises...

    Spring Cleansing Tips to Detoxify Your Body

    With temperatures rising comes to the buzz of shaping up your summer body, and the vanity of swimsuit season may offer all the motivation you need to shed those extra pounds. Just promise yourself, that you won’t get duped by...

    Calories Counted Are Not The Answer

    By Dr. Debbie Bright, DC, MS Calories Counted are not the answer! They said there would be no math. That was an enticing lure for a young college graduate who loathed mathematics yet found herself looking ahead at a medical school...
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    Michael Patterson LIVE Beyond The Bridge with Brad Weber

    Michaels "journey" into cannabis. https://youtu.be/_5Ee14xDyww
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