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    Sara Elizabeth Skincare Embraces Preservative-Free Skincare

    Local esthetician supports holistic beauty and happiness frequencies

    By Colette Mauzeralle

    Holistic esthetician Sara Elizabeth Tucker began her skincare career in New York City during the 1990s. At the time, few would have guessed that natural skincare—part of the current clean beauty movement—would become a nationwide trend driving beauty brands everywhere toward au naturel over-hauls.

    Herbal blends used during Sara Elizabeth Skincare's Signature Herbal Facial
    Herbal blends used during Sara Elizabeth Skincare’s Signature Herbal Facial

    Sara Elizabeth Skincare was founded in Mission Hills in 2002. Her products and services have long reflected the commitment to natural skincare, but last year in response to increasing demand for clean beauty options she launched her first fully preservative-free retail line.
    Each product contains a proprietary blend of natural oils and herbs; even moisture within each formula is drawn only from the plants used to create it; pure Oregon rainwater incorporated in rare instances water is added.
    “I began developing my herbal line in 2002, but there has been a recent surge of people looking for skincare products and services that are natural and connected to Mother Earth,” said Sara.
    The new line embraces what will likely be among this year’s top beauty trends: using seed oils in place of creams or lotions. A favorite is the winter-ready Tamanu Cleansing active barrier against dry, cold air.
    Since the beginning of the year, Sara Elizabeth Skincare has launched an all-in-one face and body oil designed with the minimalist in mind.
    People are learning more because of social media and the Internet. Products that contain toxins and preservatives are becoming old school; while modern-day beauty now consists of herbs, essential oils, and plant-based ingredients. This is a new way to perform skincare with ancient ingredients.”
    The clean beauty movement has also influenced Sara’s menu of holistic skin care services. Her most popular procedure is the Signature Herbal Facial; which combines plant-based treatments with jade rollers; crystals and happiness frequencies – a formerly uncommon practice now gaining ground among wellness enthusiasts.
    Sara Elizabeth Tucker of Sara Elizabeth Skincare

    “As a holistic approach to beauty, almost everything I use in my facials and the environment of my boutique has a happy frequency. Think of a tuning fork that when struck will gently vibrate and emanate a perfect pitch.

    If you take two tuning forks and strike one, the other will begin to vibrate in sympathy. This principle also applies to anything that exists on a particular frequency, and that includes everything in the universe. Everything has a resonance.”

    Happiness frequencies call for binaural beats set at 432 megahertz, said to be the natural frequency of the universe.
    Sara’s signature facial also includes beauty crystals such as Peridot and Green Tourmaline placed around the client and mood-boosting herbs and essential oils like a white sage; eucalyptus and lavender.
    Guests are exposed to LED light, set to green to promote hope and healing and yellow for happiness and joy. A Dracaena fragrance also called a “happy plant,” is kept in the spa.
    Sara Elizabeth Skincare is located at 4026 Hawk Street, Suite G in Mission Hills.
    To learn more, visit www.saraelizabethskincare.com

    About Sara Elizabeth Skincare

    Sara Elizabeth Skincare
    Natural skincare expert and twenty-year industry veteran Sara Elizabeth Tucker founded Sara Elizabeth Skincare in 2002; after apprenticing in New York City with names like Ling Chan and Christine Chen.
    She has also trained with Dr. Shogo Mochizuki in Colorado’s remote Rocky Mountains to learn Kobido, the most technically advanced form of Japanese facial.
    Sara Elizabeth’s products and services reflect training and commitment to natural skincare and have been featured by Vogue; W Magazine and as a Best of San Diego 2018 recipient via San Diego Magazine. Sara Elizabeth Skincare is located at 4026 Hawk Street, Suite G in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego, California.

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