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    Bart Mendoza

    Bart Mendoza is a music journalist who has written for numerous local and international publications, starting with KICKS Magazine in the late 1970’s, going on to pen stories for publications such as the San Diego Union Tribune, Axcess Magazine, Shindig and many more. Mendoza has a unique vantage point on music, having worked in various aspects of the business. He has helped stage numerous festival’s and events, including “New Sounds” during the 1980’s. As a musician he toured the world in the 1980’s with Manual Scan, the 90’s with The Shambles and currently performs with True Stories. Meanwhile, for over a dozen years, he worked for Capitol Records, as well as Motown, Angel, Chrysalis and others. A tireless supporter of San Diego’s local music community, Mendoza shines a spotlight on the area’s musicians and concerts, across eras and genres.

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