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Growing Healthy Veggies Is Very Satisfying

by Henry Bertram, Founder and President (cacg.sandiego@gmail.com)

Yes, you can plant now. Come join us. We make it as simple as possible. You lease a raised veggie box already filled with healthy soil and amended with all organic nutrients and supplements. You buy organic veggie “starter” plants, water regularly, add organic fertilizer we provide, then watch them grow. Harvest, eat. Repeat the pro- cess with different veggies. Advice is always available and we have workshops run by Master Gardeners of San Diego County, who are themselves trained by the University of California.
At six years young, our one acre non- profit community garden has become quite the hub of activity. With over 105 raised growing boxes and over 55 fruit trees, we have much to offer. Instead of launching into written descriptions, I thought posting pictures would be a good way to show readers some of the people, features and facilities that make our garden stand out.
For general information about our non-profit (501c3) community garden AND to join us as a gardener (no matter your previous experience), please see our website http://www.collegeareagarden. org Also, find us on Facebook: @collegeareagarden – Twitter: CACGardener – Instagram: CACGardener We have some really good raised boxes available that are filled with rich soil and are ready for new gardeners. Why not join us? The month of September, 2018 is FREE for new gardeners signing up for a full year.
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