I remember one day waking up to my Chula Vista residence and thinking… How can I generate an income without missing out on the growth of my children? Being a Latina makes it hard for moms to choose a career because in our culture being a mom and a wife is the biggest thing and the moment that you have a career you can feel people judging you. Choosing a career with Mary Kay as an Independent Beauty Consultant was the best decision for me because I am able to take care of my family while generating an income from the comfort of my home.

There were a lot of companies that tried to get my attention to sell for them. I didn’t want to get caught up with some company that didn’t have quality products nor the best interests of moms at heart. Mary Kay has been around since 1963 and is a multi-billion dollar company. I knew it was the best choice for me, and I fit right into their selling model.

My Mary Kay life is so simple, yet it is so fun, and it works for me! It all started when I attended a Mary Kay leadership brunch and a national sales director gave her speech. After that, I literally got on the phone and texted my husband to give him the great news about me becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant! #MyMKlife started with the support of my beautiful Chula Vista community as I was booking skincare parties, spa parties and color confident parties. I love meeting new people and teaching them about our quality and affordable products. Some women think that you need to go to an expensive store in the mall to get the best skin care products. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Mary Kay has the best team of scientists who create products based on science and extensive testing.

“Developing a formula is one part of our process. We also have to prove that it will deliver real results, and we do that by validating claims through clinical and consumer testing. If a claim doesn’t meet our high standards, we won’t use it.”– Dr. Michelle Hines, Director, Global Cosmetic R&I.

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Next thing you know, I was increasing my sales, building a strong business and then I decided to invite my girlfriends to join my team. I also learned money management, goal setting and how to be a better mom, wife and how to become a better person. The most satisfying and rewarding feeling is helping women look and feel more beautiful as well as be more confident.

Balance is so important for mothers who never find the time to finish all the things we need to do every day. I have found that if I spend about 2 hours a day working on Mary Kay or about 10 hours per week, it is perfect for me to meet my goals and still be present for my family.

So many people have seen that during this time of COVID-19 we need to be creative in the ways we can generate an income and well as support the local ladies in our neighborhoods who can give us personalized service. Mary Kay does this and more!

I offer bilingual service to my clients in English or Spanish. Mary Kay is a global company and our consultants speak so many languages. We offer product information in English or Spanish depending on the first language of the client.

Mary Kay has a proven business model that helps women discover extra income, make empowered choices and find true beauty from the inside out. If you would like some skincare tips, help with innovative serums and/or join my team please contact me at 619-647-6282. You can even download a free Mary Kay Skin Analyzer App (for iphones). Once you have the results, I can guide you through each product.

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